Ranch Road Boots - How Should Cowboy Boots Fit?

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit?

If you’re new to the world of cowboy boots and wondering “how should cowboy boots fit?” you’ve come to the right place! There are a few tricks of the trade you ought to know regarding cowboy boot fit that will save you from the daunting circle of purchases and returns.

For starters, throw most of what you know about trying on shoes out the window!  The process of trying on cowboy boots is not like buying other footwear. 

Let’s dive into what you should expect when trying on cowboy boots so you can find your next wardrobe staple sans the heartache (and foot cramps).


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Men's Yoakum Tan Cowboy Boots


They’re Going To Be Stiff [At First]

Quality leather boots don’t necessarily come perfectly shaped to your foot. For some lucky people, our fine leather boots will fit perfectly out of the box.  For others, the first impression isn’t a lasting one. What we mean is, when you first try on your boots, they will be stiff. As you wear them, the leather and the cork-filled footbed will form to the shape of your foot, and over time you will only get more comfortable in your relationship, becoming a perfect fit for your specific foot shape.


Determining Boot Size

Ranch Road Boots tries to keep things simple, which is why our handmade leather boots run true to US sizing. If you’re between sizes, consider sizing up and adjusting fit with a slightly  thicker sock or thin footbed insert. Check out our size charts in the product pages to compare sizing.


The Try On

There are few moments more satisfying than seeing your brand new leather boots in person for the first time. The smell of the full grain leather, the feel of the beautiful stitching and welt detailing, and finally, trying them on! But first, there’s some things we need to discuss.

You’ll want to sit for this one. Are you ready?

  1. Take a seat.
  2. Place your foot in the boot using the pull straps. You may feel some resistance when trying to get your foot in the boot. This is normal! 

Tip: If you struggle to get the boot on your foot, it’s too tight. There should be some resistance, but you shouldn’t be hurting yourself.

  1. Listen for a dull “pop”  when your foot slides into the boot. That’s what a well fitting boot will sound like! The boot should feel snug (like a firm handshake) across the vamp (top of the foot).
  2. The widest part of your foot should be resting in the widest part of the outsole.
  3. At this point you’re probably tempted to take your thumb and feel around for where your big toe is (we get it, old habits die hard). Don’t do it! Like we said, cowboy boots fit differently than other footwear, and the thumb trick isn’t indicative of proper fit. If you can wiggle your toes, you’re still on track.
  4. Stand up and walk around in your boots. They should flex at the natural flex points of your foot. You should experience some heel slippage, about ¼’ to ½’. This will go away as your boots form to your the shape of your foot.

So, how did it go? Obviously, we hope they feel as good as they look (remember, they’re supposed to be a little snug at first! But if you like a looser fit - that’s okay too!) Now that you’re up to speed, you’re ready to order your next statement pair and as an added bonus, chime in when someone asks “how should cowboy boots fit?”

“Okay, but what about toe shape?” We’re glad you asked!


Toe Shapes

Toe shapes are exactly what they sound like. In the world of boots there are several types of toe shapes designed for style, comfort, and functionality. Below are some of Ranch Road Boots toe shapes.


Snip or Narrow 

If you have wide feet, this may not be your best option. The women’s Presidio Black is a beautiful example of a timeless snip toe boot. 

Square and Round

Wide toe boots have a wider, square or rounded U shaped style with ample room at the toe and throughout the top of the foot. A wide toe boot like Sarah Brown or the Calhoun Cognac will be the boot you can wear all day for work or play.

Ranch Road Boots boondocker boots offer a casual fit with ample toe room for maximum comfort. In boots like the boondockers you’ll go from a long day of work to a long night of play without cramping your style. Easily dress up a round toe boot like the brogan bootie and walk tall in the comfort and style of a classic hand crafted boot.


French toe boots like the Johnny Tan and Bexar and Capistrano styles are a middle of the road toe shape where the round and square toe shapes join forces to create an elegant yet subtle boot ready to go, day or night.


The width of the shaft is the next thing to consider in your quest for the perfect boot. Ranch boots women’s and men's boots alike have their shaft circumference listed in the description so you can easily decide before you buy if that boot is right for you. Here are general width guidelines:


A= Narrow

B= Average to Medium

C= Wide


B= Narrow

D= Average to Medium

EE = Wide


Pro Tip: Every pair of our boots has the shaft height and circumference listed in the boot’s details. For added assurance, we suggest measuring the widest part of your calf to ensure the boots you plan to order will be a comfortable fit.

What toe style works best for you and why? We’d love to know! Leave us a comment below and see how others are rocking our collections on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram @ranchroadboots #APATHWORNWELL.

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