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So you’re wondering what full grain leather is and you’ve found yourself here. Welcome! 

Maybe you’ve noticed a good deal of high end leather products use full grain leather and wondered what makes it so special. Maybe you’re wondering if buying something made of full grain leather, like our collection of full grain leather boots, is really worth it. 

Once you learn about the unique characteristics full grain leather offers, it’ll be a no brainer why it’s the leather of choice for quality, life lasting products. 


Agave Rand Brown Full Grain Leather Ankle Western Boots

Agave Rand Brown


What is Full Grain Leather?

Simply put, full grain leather is the outermost, most durable part of the hide that has the full grain intact. Full grain is always the best leather available, hence, the best choice for quality leather goods. Let’s adventure further into the characteristics of full grain leather that makes it the leather of choice for our fine leather boots.


What Sets Full Grain Leather Apart From The Rest

Here are some key characteristics that set full grain leather apart from the rest

  • Durability
  • Tear Resistant
  • Minimally Treated
  • One Of A Kind Patina
  • Always the Best Leather Available



This outermost layer of the hide holds the strongest and tightest grain, naturally resisting moisture and protecting the animal from the elements. Knicks and scars can often be misconstrued as “imperfections” in the leather, but are the natural marks of beauty and life of the animal it came from. Full grain leather ages gracefully and doesn’t wear out easily, which is why you’ll see it used in quality products like furniture, wallets, belts, and footwear, like Ranch Road Boots’ women’s luxury ranch boots.


Minimally Treated 

It may surprise you to learn that the best leather you can get is the leather treated the least amount. The beauty in full grain leather, besides being naturally smooth to the touch, are the one-of-a-kind grain patterns and markings each piece offers. The natural display of its unique characteristics is honored by never buffing or sanding the leather. 

Around here, we like to show off our true colors.  

Ranch Road Boots uses a natural technique known as vegetable tanning to tan our Spanish leather handmade mens boots. This process consists of highly skilled leather craftsmen soaking the best quality hides in highly concentrated vegetable tannins over the course of several months. Minimal treatment also means the leather maintains its natural breathability, a staple to long lasting quality leather products. 

Top grain leather has the most durable part of the grain sanded off for a more uniformed look. Since the natural water/stain resistant layer is removed, a protective coat needs to be applied for protection, in turn jeopardizing the breathability of the leather and increasing the likelihood of premature cracking and tearing. Not cool.


One Of A Kind Patina

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “patina” it is very simply the rich sheen developed from years of wear that only occurs in full grain leather and adds a new layer of protection as time goes on. The patina is the signature trait of quality full grain leather and sets each boot apart in its own unique way, bringing ever changing life to the leather. The patina is like the leather’s personality, showing the world it’s true colors and characteristics, only growing more beautiful over time.


Full Grain Is Always The Best Quality Leather.

There’s a reason Ranch Road Boots sources the finest full grain leather available for our handcrafted luxury leather boots. Our full grain leather isn’t altered to fall in line with a certain look, but celebrated for its natural characteristics and unique patina. Its durability, breathability, and tear resistant qualities means you're getting the cream of the crop leather ready to take you on all of your future endeavors. 


Full Grain Leather Boots Is the Gold Standard For Ranch Road Boots.

Ranch Road Boots takes crafting timeless leather boots one step further by pairing the best possible leather with quality materials for all around comfort, versatility and durability. 

Our full grain leather boots have cork filled footbeds that mold to the shape of your foot, steel shanks for arch support, rubber heel caps for prolonged heel life, and goodyear welt construction, meaning your boots are resoleable and ready to kick the dust up for all of life’s adventures. From start to finish, our high standards guarantee every customer receives finely made luxury leather boots that will last a lifetime. 


Fine full grain leather brown cowboy boots

Yoakum Tan 


Now that you know the value in full grain leather, let us know which handcrafted full grain leather boots are your favorite in the comments below!

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