Boots With Sole: What Boots Are Resoleable?

Boots With Sole: What Boots Are Resoleable?


We live in a world where fashion is often meant to expire. Through a strategy known as planned obsolescence, many fashion retailers consciously produce apparel with a short lifespan, leaving you with no other option but to buy more, and often.

Sole-science says, on average, you should replace your shoes every 8-12 months. This isn’t to say your shoes will last that long, especially if you wear them everyday and especially if tactics like planned obsolescence are implemented.  

But that’s not the case with Sarah Ford, Founder of Ranch Road Boots.

You see, Ranch Road Boots want you to follow your chosen path with confidence, in premium handmade leather boots built to last a lifetime. Through the use of Goodyear welt construction and the best quality leather we can get, our boots are easily resoleable. Simply put, they’re in it for the long haul.

Just like your car or bike, your boots should be an investment meant to take you places, but after a few trips around the sun you’ll probably need some new wheels. Wouldn't you rather just change the tires than get an entirely new ride? I mean, you’ve had some pretty good times in them, and they’re broken in just the way you like! They have meaning to you now and have taken you to where you’ve wanted to go. They’re more than just boots, they’re how you express yourself, and they’ve got sole. Wouldn’t it be great to restore them to their former glory so you can keep on keepin’ on? 

Welcome to the world of boot repair!


So, What Exactly Does it Mean to Resole Boots?

It’s important to recognize what in your life is worthy of your time, money, and effort. What you put on your feet is definitely one of them. So when your boots start to wear down and need some TLC, it’s important to know you can fix them up like new. 

When boots are resoled, the outer sole, or, the part of the shoe that comes in contact with the ground, is detached from the upper boot and a new sole is attached.Thankfully, boots constructed with Goodyear welt construction, or blake stitch construction, can be revived and soled, yeehaw to that!

Resoling Blake stitch boots requires a special Blake stitch machine, making the resole process more difficult and more expensive. The easiest (and most durable) boots to resole are those constructed with Goodyear welt stitching because of the way they are double-stitched together. They can be restitched using a Goodyear welt machine or by hand.


The cost to resole boots will range depending on what kind of manual labor and materials is put into them. People spend anywhere from $80 to $150 on boot repair, but the amount you spend will all depend on your cobbler. Since Goodyear welt boots are easier to resole, you may be able to get out of the cobbler with a bill on the lower end of the spectrum. Our advice is to call around to reputable cobblers in your area before you need to resole your boots so you know what to expect when it comes time to do so. 

Speaking of which, when do you know it’s time to resole your boots?


How to tell if your boots need resoling

Here are three key points on how to tell if your boots need to be resoled here:

  1. Run your finger across the outsole to check for wrinkles/softness
  2. If there are any holes, you’ve gone as far as you can go in these outsoles. At this point your boots are no longer waterproof and could be damaged beyond the outsole.
  3. Check the outsoles perimeter to see if any welt stitching is exposed.




Boots with Sole, and Integrity

The only thing we take lightly about our boots are the steps you’ll take in them. That’s why we use quality, lightweight materials with integrity, like:

  •  Cork filled footbeds that form to your foot.
  •  Steel shanks for lasting arch support.
  •  Soft (yet durable) leather outsoles.
  •  Rubber heel caps for prolonged heel life.
  •  Goodyear welt stitching.

Ranch Road Boots doesn’t settle for the path of least resistance, and we definitely don’t make boots designed to fail. Our fine leather boots are hand-crafted for the people that know who they are, what they’re made of, and whose self-expression never goes out of style. In these boots, all you’ll have to think about is where you’re headed.




Visit us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram @ranchroadboots and show us where your boots have taken you with the hashtag #APATHWORNWELL. Or, drop us a line below!

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