Service Boot

Our service boot will quickly become the workhorse of your wardrobe.  Crafted with a Spanish pull-up leather stuffed with oils - keep these boots inspection ready with a frequent polish, or not.  Either way, they will develop a great patina. 

The second in our military-inspired collection of footwear.  Our first is the Current Issue.  This Goodyear full-welt leather boot is inspired by the early 20th century boots of the Marine Corps.  Marines that served from 1904-1943 might have worn the 'USMC service shoe.' Because our founder is a former Marine, we're starting from today and going back remaking USMC footwear to 1775 when our beloved Corps was founded at Tun Tavern.  

  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Pegged leather sole
  • Steel shank for support
  • Cork filled for comfort
  • Pull-up leather
  • Made in Spain


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