Fit Kit

Interested in having boots made in Texas just for your feet? Order, complete and send back a Fit Kit so that the boot-maker can get accurate foot and calf measurements. From there, you'll work directly with George and his brothers building boots to your specs.  Any color, shape, size, toe shape, thread color, hide color, design you want - they can do it.  You'll work out the price directly with the bootmaker and they typically range from $900-$3,500 depending on the hide and intricacy of the design.  The reason for the range in price - exotic hides Alligator/Croc full vamps & shafts,  French calf leather, kangaroo, buffalo is more expensive than goat leather (but goat is nice and comes in great colors!)  Inlays with designs typically add $50-$150 and larger sizes have a surcharge too.  

Included in Fit Kit: Measuring tape, pencils, measurement form, postage both ways and design.  We also provide a short video to show you how to measure your legs and feet. 

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$ 25.00