Kendall County

By far our most classic western style, these boots are loud and damn proud. Based on the iconic Rodermund stitch detail coined by San Angelo bookmaker Henry Rodermund in the 1930’s, these boots aren’t just a Texan legacy—they’re a statement. A contemporary take on time-honored construction methods, these boots are handcrafted from Spanish leather, traditional western lasts and a hell-bent determination to stand tall.

  • 1930's Rodermund stitch by Henry Rodermund, San Angelo's 1st bootmaker.
  • Oil-stuffed, pull-up leather from Spain.
  • Handcrafted Red Leather Boots.
  • Made in Spain.
  • Goodyear welted.
  • Hand-pegged tapered sole.
  • Cork filled footbed for comfort.
  • Calf opening approx 14'' circumference at 12'' high on leg. 
$ 458.00 $ 299.00

Customer Reviews

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Not my first rodeo

I've had the hots for a red pair of boots for quite a while. When I ran across the Ranch Road fb ad, I decided to check out their goods. Bam! Red boots (and at a great price!). Plus the product description was a great sell with the mention of San Angelo boot maker. Its rodeo season in San Angelo and I put my boots on tonight. Wore them for 3-4 hours straight (and questioned my sanity for wearing new boots with out breaking them in). My boots didn't miss a beat. Felt fabulous and the RED rocks! SERIUOSLY...just as comfy as my broken in pair of old boots. Kudos to Ranch Roads.

Absolutely gorgeous

I purchased Kendall County boots and am delighted with them. Beautiful rich red color, top notch construction and beautiful stitching. I can't wait to show them off, thank you!

Perfect pop of color!

The Kendall County is a staple in my Ranch Road collection. I love the deep, rich tone of the red leather and the classic Western stitch pattern. I love wearing them with a chambray shirt or dress and they go so well with any color of jeans - blue, black or white. Don't be afraid of the color or think you'll be limited! The options are endless and these beauties get loads of compliments every time I wear them.