Meet Our Stylist and Renaissance Woman | Jess Zanotti

Meet Our Stylist and Renaissance Woman | Jess Zanotti

One of the best parts of doing what we do is the people we get to work with.

At Ranch Road Boots we get to collaborate with talented creative voices that inspire us daily and help turn our visions into realities--cue in our all-start stylist, RRB Pinterest curator, free-spirit ,and super renaissance woman: Jess Zanotti.

Jess is a multi-faceted creative in the fashion and wellness industry who's day job consists of taking client meetings, styling branded campaigns and editorials, developing visual communications for brands, curating content, designing creative assets (did you guys check out our awesome social media collage for our Fall'19 launch?), wellness coaching and did we mention she's a major Pinterest influencer too -- but who's counting?

She also has an amazing platform called Untethered Co. where she merges her creativity with spirituality by curating one of a kind experiences and retreats bringing creatives from all walks together.

We asked her some questions about her job, inspirations, styling advice and favorite Ranch Road Boot styles.


Can you tell us more about what you do as a stylist and your work with brands?

As a stylist, I help each client / brand get clear on their authentic style and help to elevate and refine it by providing fashion advice and choosing outfits for photo / video shoots.

Beyond that, I work with brands as a Creative Consultant, where I help them get clear on their message /  their why, and support them in creating compelling visual storytelling content to connect with their audience. This ranges from overall branding, collage art, directing, styling, and Pinterest / Instagram curation.

I am truly a Renaissance Woman with a multitude of talents and the intention in everything I do is to guide each brand, individual to their most authentic and aligned expression by elevating and refining their style, branding, etc. All while having fun and valuing one another! 

Also I think it’s important to mention that I aim towards working with brands that create and produce with integrity and holistic intentions; whether that be sustainable practices like using recycled fabrics, organic materials, or brands that are just very intentional about the way they produce their products and run their business, like Ranch Road boots ;)

 Who (or what) is your biggest style inspiration?

Films. For style and over-all inspiration. I get inspired by the visual aesthetics; the way a talented filmmaker merges color, tone, texture, props and of course clothing to evoke emotion and create a world. Some of my faves are Amelie, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Call Me by Your Name. Solange is also a major source of inspiration. Her music and style is unique and authentic, and her outfits, album visuals, music videos and performances are so innovative and truly pieces of art.

What’s a day like in the life of a working stylist?

Depends on the day! If I’m prepping a shoot I always start off with a meeting with the client to get an idea for what they’re looking for and get on the same page. Then I create a mood board on Pinterest. I research brands, and reach out and request to pull samples. Then I run around town to grab samples. Next comes a style-out where I prep the looks. And then there’s the shoot and returns day! Each day is different and involves doing at least one of the above.

What’s your daily style advice?

Dress for how you want to feel.

Best way to style a pair of boots for the fall and winter season?

My favorite is always with a skinny jean. Tuck the jeans into mid-calf boots, and the right skinny jean should hit right at the top of an ankle boot.

What are some styling DO NOTs — any rules to go by?

Do not follow trends! Stay true to what feels right for you and wear what makes you feel comfortable, confident and radiant!

Favorite cowgirl/cowboy through time?

Does drawing a life-size portrait of Annie Oakley and doing a presentation on her life in 2nd grade count?

How did you draw inspiration for styling Ranch Road’s Boots Fall’19 campaign?

I wanted to stay true to the brand and keep the heritage / vintage western style in tact, but mix it with some modern vibes. So I sourced vintage and western style inspiration on Pinterest and researched brands that had a similar aesthetic. Vintage hunting always gives me inspiration. I was inspired by the desert landscape and its earth tones, and added pops of yellows and reds for a bit of color.

We got some really cool western shirts from a brand called H BAR C that has been making western wear since 1939, and used to supply clothes for western movies with celebs by the likes of Gene Autry, John Wayne, John Travolta, etc. Classic denim was provided by Wrangler. And then we worked with some modern brands like Understated Leather, BLDWN and Carleen to mix in the modern style. Oh and we got some suits from Rosecut Clothing, who makes the most rad hand made suits with really cool appliqués and embroidery!

Ranch Road Boots Fall 2019 Collection Styled by Jess Zanotti

Image from Fall'19 Collection | Styled by Jess


This collection is about celebrating heritage, what does that mean to you and do you think it’s important? 

Celebrating heritage is incredibly important, vital actually! To me, heritage is the story that informs us of who we are, where we came from, how we got here and where we want to go. It’s an inheritance of our past that should be celebrated and preserved to help shape our path forward; knowing where we came from in order to evolve and create for future generations to come.

 What was your favorite thing about working on this campaign?

That it was a woman-led crew and I got to work with my best friend! Game changer to work with women and friends. Also that everyone was very open, receptive and respectful; allowing each individual’s creativity to flourish.

 Any cool things you are working on at the moment?

I’m always looking to evolve and expand, and as you can see from this interview I like to do a lot of different things. So right now I’m working towards directing more video content / short films. I’ve been teaching myself how to edit video, am taking courses on film narrative, reading books on script writing, etc. Working towards next steps and larger creative pursuits!

 What does #APATHWORNWELL mean to you?

To me, A Path Worn Well means living an authentic life and having the courage to follow a path that is true to you no matter what others say. It means living with an open heart, continuously seeking to evolve and grow, always trying new things. Setting goals yet living with flexibility. Having fun. Embracing all aspects of yourself. Creating creating creating. Learning to let go. Having gratitude, and loving life in all its phases.

What are your favorite styles in the collection?

Ranch Road Boots Fall Collection 2019

Ranch Road Boots Fall Collection 2019 - Kendall Red Womens Cowboy Boots

Kendall Red - A classic boot in a bold color!  I love the red and the fit of this boot is perfection.

How I’d style them:

  • Fall: Over skinny jeans with a cozy turtleneck and hat
  • Winter: Canadian Tuxedo: denim jacket, straight leg jeans, tee and scarf
  • Spring: Button-up denim skirt and a ruffled white top
  • Summer: Flow-y white dress and neck bandana

Ranch Road Boots Fall Collection 2019

Ranch Road Boots Fall Collection 2019 - Veronica Black Leather Boot

Veronica Black - Chelsea boots are my favorite and these are incredibly well made and chic.

How I’d style them:

  • Fall: Leggings and an oversized sweater
  • Winter: Vintage Levi’s, vintage tee, moto jacket and a light scarf
  • Spring: Cuffed denim with a flow-y blouse
  • Summer: With an ankle length flow-y dress


Ranch Road Boots Fall Collection 2019 - Vanessa Black Slip-On Boot

Vanessa Black - I just love a mule! All the RRB styles are comfortable but these are exceptionally comfortable.

How I’d style them:

  • Fall: Black trouser and a bow neck blouse
  • Winter: Skinny jeans, turtleneck and coat
  • Spring: Cigarette leg jean with vintage tee
  • Summer: Black silk camisole tucked into matching silk skirt
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