Gaucho style is the kind of look that anyone can pull off; It’s fashion-forward, comfortable and widely celebrated for its unique but classic flare. Yet still, even the most fashionable fashionista can find it hard to rock if they don’t know where to start. Because while everyone loves the next Hermes or Gucci runway show, sometimes it takes a bit of inspiration from people just like us to get the creative juices flowing. 


Follow these four influencers for a more “down-to-earth” approach to the art of gaucho style.


@Tezza -- 1.2 million followers


Tezza is an influencer famous for her stellar photography and undeniable sense of style. She keeps her outfits minimal with the occasional pop of 70s-esque color mixed with those “out west” vibes that we here at Ranch Road Boots know and love.


Below, Tezza pairs a cropped white tank and linen white pants with a wide-brimmed straw hat. Finish off this look with our Cactus Brown boot for a chill and put together feel. 


@OrionVanessa -- 710k followers


This girl has long been a pioneer of minimalist fashion in the influencer world, but recently Orion Carloto has tiptoed into the westernwear space and we couldn’t be more excited. She cites Stevie Nicks as a huge artistic influence and it shows in Orion’s boho meets classic vibes. 


Below, Orion rocks a black long sleeved mini dress and a black belt with golden clasp. Take this outfit to the hills of Argentina (where Gaucho culture was born) with our Kendall boot in red. 



@fromthedaisies -- 61.5k followers


Stephanie Fisher of the Instagram account “From the Daisies” is a nationally published elopement and wedding photographer. Her distinctive flair for vintage inspired shots is something straight out of a western film, and there’s just something about her work that makes you want to drive to the nearest desert with Fleetwood Mac on repeat.


Below is a shot from one of Fisher’s recent shoots in the Arizona desert. The model wears a navy, kimono style mini dress and wide brimmed straw hat. Refine this look with an added touch of Gaucho culture in our Veronica boot in brown.


@raerae_rockwell -- 9.5k followers


It’s safe to say that the fashion of Rae Michalik  was refined and flourished during her time in the fashion and modelling industry in New York City. But of course, as any true fashion lover can understand, her style has evolved over the years into what it is today; a colorful mesh of 80s disco and western classics. 


Below, Rae goes all out with those old west vibes in black pants, a frilled turquoise top and black gaucho hat. She finishes off the look with our Presidio boot in black.



Let us know your favorite gaucho-style inspired looks by sharing in the comments below.

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