El Cosmico, Trans-Pecos Festival: A Photo Diary

El Cosmico, Trans-Pecos Festival: A Photo Diary

Trans-Pecos Festival of Music + Love 

Last week we escaped far west to Marfa, Texas — to celebrate music, art, food, and the spirit of community at Liz Lambert's,  El Cosmico. Over a period of four days, suddenly, time slowed down, our inboxes took a back seat, to-do's were a matter for another day, service or signal didn't matter (although Instagram). We truly experienced the present knowing that tomorrow will arrive, eventually—what El Cosmico refers to "Mañana". 

"We know that mañana continues to promise new magic, and we see good things just over the horizon. But for now we're happy to sit back in the hammock and celebrate today."

For a week we were all adventurers and wanderers from all walks, near and far, dwelling in our own tents, trailers, yurts, and tipis — appreciating the art of minimalism and the realization that we can do a whole lot with less, and truly, how much we all have in common. Living small is a literal art form (btw, check out Jupe or Bushtec Safari), but in a greater sense, it is an essence and a mind shift that reminds us that living smaller does not mean living less. More often, the fewer is the better.

Thank you to our friends at El Cosmico, and all the amazing creatives, artists, travelers, and music enthusiasts we met and had the privilege of sharing our boots and brand with IRL. We're now back home feeling more refreshed, more balanced, and ready for "mañana".


El Cosmico, Trans Pecos (Sept 22-26) Poster


People watching the stage at Trans-Pecos, El Cosmico, Marfa Texas


The dwellings at El Cosmico, Marfa

El Cosmico, Marfa Texas


Part of the magic of El Cosmico is that it is filled with subliminal reminders.


Stay on Path - El Cosmico, Marfa Texas

Street-Style and Arts at Trans-Pecos, El Cosmico
The street-style did not disappoint.
Street-style Trans-Pecos, El Cosmico

Ranch Road Boots in the wild.

Ranch Road Boots in the wild.

Ranch Road at Trans-Pecos, El Cosmico


Ranch Road Boots, El Cosmico, Trans-Pecos


Tift Merritt performs in Ranch Road Boots, Rosette Black
Robert Ellis in the Capistrano Brown.

 Tift Merritt and Robert Ellis performing at El Cosmico, Trans-Pecos



We partnered with our friends at Filthmart LA on special limited edition tees  —coming soon to the website.


Filthmart x Ranch Road Boots  Filthmart x Ranch Road Boots


Ranch Road Boots: Women's Hibiscus Desert

Ranch Road Boots: Women's Scarlett Firebird

Ranch Road Boots at Trans-Pecos, El Cosmico


BTW, Marfa is cool.


Para Llevar, Marfa Texas

The Get Go, Marfa Texas 

Do Your Thing Coffee, Marfa Texas


When in Marfa, DO NOT MISS, Marfa Burrito. You're welcome.


Anthony Bourdaine, Marfa Burrito


"If I'm an advocate for anything, it's to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. Walk in someone else's shoes or at least eat their food. It's a plus for everybody." — Anthony Bourdain


Sleater-Kinney at Trans-Pecos, El Cosmico

Sleater-Kinney closed the show — Carrie Brownstein is a FCK*NG ROCKSTAR.



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