DRIFTER: Emmett Skyy on Music, Fashion & Creating a Vibe.


A Louisiana native, Emmett Skyy is a rare singer/songwriter and multi-creative with epic talent. Born into a family of soul singers, Emmett spent his adolescence performing in the gospel and soul world, but as he grew older, he knew in his heart that he could not thrive and develop as an artist solely in this genre. He was always self aware that he did not completely fit into a particular style. Feeling limited in this environment, prompted a move to Los Angeles for better opportunities to pursue his passion for creating music, art, and fashion that would be specific to his own identity.

In Drifter, a short film diary he collaborated on with Rob Perri he reflects on his journey as musician, what music means to him, and what he brings as he moves from stage to stage sharing his gift, creativity, and "vibe" with others.



Words By: Emmett Skyy 

Film by: Rob Perri

Photography: Cole Kiburz



"In my boots I feel_ rock & roll  ."


Emmett Skyy in the Ranch Road, Bexar Black men's roper boots.


"My parents owned a fashion boutique when I was very young. They were very stylish and my mum wore beautiful and unique looking hats. I would travel with them to the market to pick out clothes to sell. Being around clothes made me eager to explore art. I also grew up in a very musical gospel church where everyone could sing or play an instrument. This combination sparked my attention to dive into different styles of music and later I was introduced to rock & roll."


Emmett Skyy shot by Cole Kiburz wearing the Bexar Black. Emmett Skyy in the Bexar Black men's boots shot by Cole Kiburz.

Emmett Skyy in Ranch Road's Bexar Black shot by Cole Kiburz in Pioneertown CA.

Emmett Skyy in Ranch Road's Bexar Black men's boots shot by Cole Kiburz.



Urban Cowboy Style Inspiration Style Inspiration: Bayou Moves, Emmett Skyy, Ranch Road's Johnny Black boot.


Ranch Road's Johnny Black men's western boots.


Ranch Road Boots: Shop Emmett Skyy's favorite men's collection styles
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