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September 11, 2020 3 min read

Here at Ranch Road Boots, we believe (some) rules are meant to be broken. If you heard of the “you can’t wear white after labor day” fashion rule like the rest of us, then you must be wondering if not abiding by it is truly a faux pas. So, in short, can you wear white after labor day? Absolutely. We’re in 2020 y’all. And, guess which is our favorite way to wear white post summer days? That’s right, with a banging pair of designer boots.

It is said that this old etiquette rule was made by money elitists to separate themselves from the rest, feel free to dive more into its history in this great article from Marie Claire. Truth is, before air conditioning existed, white was worn more for functionality than style purposes. It was airy and light and often the fabrics worn in the summer were made light in color to avoid trapping heat. Once the seasons started to change, it was no longer necessary to wear white and thus, the rule was born. 

In today's modern living, where air conditioning is widely accessible hot or not, we sure do love a winter-white. Let us delight on all the shades of white post Labor Day—especially when paired with a kick-ass pair of fashionable boots.

We created a few looks to inspire you to wear white all year-round paired with the fine leather boots you need to rock each look. You’re welcome.




1. Dress           2. Earrings            3. Sunglasses             4. Boots

Transition into fall effortlessly with a chic, office-friendly look that blends perfectly into evening plans. The beauty of a simple white shirt-dress is that it can easily be dressed up or down. And, when paired with the comfortable Agave Rand Black boot, you’ll get extra style mileage for the day. Complete the look with gold accessories and a pair of vintage sunnies for an effortlessly elegant ensemble.





1. Jacket       2.  Shirt       3. Hat       4. Skirt       5. Necklace       6. Boots    

If you want to let your inner cowgirl come out, this is one of our favorite ways to rock a pair of white boots. Multiple layers gives you the option to shed pieces throughout the day-which is totally necessary when  afternoons no longer feel like fall. The Sagebrush Whiteboots offer a sophisticated touch, especially when paired with a skirt, a little fringe and a classic bolo tie to complete the western touch. 





1. Shirt       2. Jeans       3. Bag       4. Boots    

This outfit was created for casual days out. White straight-leg jeans are a universal piece for all seasons. Paired with a simple t-shirt and leather satchel, and this is the  “weekend style” that you will want to wear every day. Rock this look with a pair of snipped toe boots, like our Sarah Brown boots, for a 90s western feel that’s as effortless as it is chic.






1. Jumpsuit       2. Clutch       3. Sunglasses       4. Boots 

For true fashionistas, look no further than this fashion-forward look that is edgy and sophisticated. A white jumpsuit is always a statement piece when it comes to styling. We paired it with our tall Kendall Brown boots for a monochromatic ensemble that is muted in tone but not in style.





1. Hat       2. Shirt       3. Shorts       4. Belt       5. Boots 

This look is our refusal to give up summer for good. Pair a basic pair of white denim shorts with a cute crop top and western belt and you have an instant fashionista-approved outfit. Note, a stand-out hat is a must, and of course, it is not complete unless paired with our Bluebell Feather booties.

Ready to rock white all year round? Let us know your favorite ways to wear white and link some of your favorite post labor day white looks in the comments below.


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