A Special Message About COVID-19.

A Special Message About COVID-19.


In light of recent events surrounding the global pandemic COVID-19, many people fear the uncertainty that lies ahead for our communities, nation, and world as a whole.

At times like this, we can reflect on the military heroes and western legends that inspired us in fashion and in life. In times of crisis and uncertainty, it’s imperative that we stick together. Small victories win big wars.

This rings true for our current situation. Small businesses and large corporations alike are feeling the weight of COVID-19’s effects on the economy. Businesses across the country have stepped up to the challenge, providing support to healthcare workers and facilities in dire need of face masks, safety glasses and ventilators, with countless others donating to different causes in the fight to flatten the curve


What We’re Doing To Support the Cause.

Now until the end of April, Ranch Road Boots will donate 5% of each sale to Doctors Without Borders. These proceeds go directly to their efforts to supply fragile health systems with the proper tools they need to fight the spread of the virus across the globe. 

With your support, you are contributing to two causes. You are helping our small business keep our lights on, and giving aid to those who need it most at this time. 

Ranch Road Boots is dedicated to providing excellent customer support as we continue filling orders. Please note, delivery times may differ as carriers adjust logistics as necessary. 

Browse our collection of premium handmade leather boots to find your perfect pair of boots and support the cause.

We thank you for your continued support and for supporting those in need as they fight for a brighter, healthier tomorrow. 


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